Wood Stand Up Paddle Boards, Perfect for the True Naturalist


With a wood stand up paddle board you are truly transporting yourself back to a time of true craftsmanship and exploration. With the wood SUP as opposed to say an epoxy or polyurethane board, the user is provided a stronger and more stable platform due to the natural strength and buoyancy of wood. A wood stand up paddle board is also constructed and shaped in a way where a practiced hand needs to get each stroke just right in order to properly render a complete, usable product. With fiberglass or epoxy board blanks there is more room for noticeable error in the shaping process and the boards that are for sale may have weak points or notable issues – not the case with a wood stand up boards.

wooden stand up paddle board construction

Another pro when considering the purchase of a wood stand up paddle board is that the durability of the material allows for many options in strength, stability, and uses. Some wood stand-up paddle boards are built with a wider base and a more squared off shape to increase stability for things like yoga or distance paddling, while others are built with a more narrow hull and a more thin construction for paddling in the ocean or actually surfing the board.

wood stand up paddle board kit

Although wood stand up paddle boards are a great option for many different users and many different uses, there is also the option of the inflatable stand up paddle board or isupĀ“s for the user who plans to travel and will be paddling in multiple bodies of water. The inflatable paddle board offers many of the same perks as the wood except the obvious exception of mobility as you can take it anywhere you go with ease. Whatever your need may be for stand up paddle boarding, wooden boards as well as inflatable boards offer great options for getting out on the water and having a good time. Have fun!