Paddling like a professional. Here are some important tips for you to get started.

For novice paddler, you must be eager to get into the water after getting your best paddle boards. Now, one may think that learning how to stand-up paddleboard will take a lot of time and effort but once you decide to learn and start trying, you will find that it was never so difficult or so time consuming.


The following steps will let you master the art of how to stand-up paddle board in a skilful manner.

#1) How to carry SUP at the edge of water body?How to carry your SUP boards?

In general, almost all boards consist of a proper recess handle right at a point at the middle of the board at which the stand-up paddle board can remain most balanced. One should hold their board against their stronger hand, that is, the hand which they use for most of their work.

They should keep their board at waist level and should carry the board with the other hand. Keeping the leash of board wrapped around the board at fins level will be suitable as it will restrict the leash from coming in the way you walk on.


#2) How to mount on the paddleboard once you get in the water?

Keep going on in the water with your stand-up paddleboard carried in the same manner until the water rises up to your knees. After that, place the paddle on your SUP in the longer direction in such a manner that the handle may remain in front side of the board while the blade should remain a little in front of the middle portion of the board.

You may push the handle grip towards the middle portion of the SUP. Once you position your paddle properly, you should grab the edges of the stand-up paddle board at points just in front of the middle center of the SUP.


At this point, you should be in a kneeling pose around the center of the SUP. The paddle must be at your front side. You should grab or pick up the paddle just as if you are canoeing as it would be almost similar.

You may take some strokes while kneeling to get the idea of paddling on water.

#3) How to stand up on your paddle board when in water?

At this position, the SUP is in water and you are kneeling on your board, at the centre of it while the paddle is in your hands in front of you. Turn the paddle in such a manner that the blade starts pointing towards you.

Use your fists and keep them in front of your knees at a foot distance away. The paddle should still be in your hands in front of you.

Slowly move your legs upwards one by one to come in a squatting position. At this position, your both hands and feet will be touching the surface of the stand up paddle board while your remaining body will be in air.

stand-up-on-your paddle-board-when-in-water

Now start raising your hands to stand up slowly while keeping the paddle in your both hands in front of you. The paddle will help in maintaining the balance of your body.

You should keep your knees a little bent to maintain the balance while you may use your hips to maintain balance even if water waves may cause some wobbles at this side or that.

Check out this short video on how to paddle board. It’s really helpful!