No matter where do you paddle, learning the proper technique on paddling will allow you to paddle safely and comfortably.


There are four known rules of paddling technique.

Stand Up Paddling Technique

  1. Plant your blade fully in the water before you start to pull. Apply to every strokes and reason is to give most power out of our blade and act as a stabilizer when the blade has extra point of contact in the water.
  1. Always assume in ready position when paddling. Standing in knees bend position will work as shock absorber to counter water waves.
  1. Use core muscles whenever you’re paddling. This mean not just using both arms as source of power which most newbie’s will ever do but get the extra power from abs muscles to allow you to paddle longer and less tiring.
  1. Keep the board quiet as possible when flowing on water to ensure efficient paddling while engaging proper muscles control techniques. Quieter paddling has less resistance and paddler will get extra miles while travelling on water.


Stand up paddle boarding also known as SUP in short form. Before someone can start venturing in SUP water sport, assuming he or she has already acquired proper knowledge on SUP technique, getting the right equipment is second thing in mind.

Basic stand-up paddle boards gear to get started with are a SUP board, a SUP paddle, a leash or strap and life jacket. There are also some additional accessories however it is not mandatory. Almost anyone know the function of SUP board, paddle and life jacket then what a leash used for?

connecting-your foot-to-the-board

In case of falling off the stand up paddle board, the strap connecting your foot to the board will make sure you do not lose the board carried away by the flowing water. Before purchasing SUP equipments, you must also seek professional advice; usually most of surf board retail does have one as it is important to know which correct size, shape and material of SUP boards according to your weight and skill level and this applies to paddle as well.

SUP board comes in many designs and colors. Some may even customized the SUP board cosmetics according to their likes. General length of the board is between 10 to 14 feet which most of it has oval shape at front tip. Price wise, for normal starter equipments, it will cost about 800 US dollars, price may difference to type material used and finishing.